Your Privacy

Use of the personal data collected

This website collects the email addresses and connection data (IP addresses) of users. The data collected is used exclusively for the stated purposes of this website.

The email addresses are exclusively used for the delivery of publication notices and possible exchanges with users. Connection data is used to ensure the security of connections and – upon user’s agreement – stored in cookies to facilitate subsequent connections (see our Cookie Policy). Cookies expire after a year or less. The other data are kept indefinitely.

The data collected is not made available for any other purpose or to any other party. It is not sold to anybody and is not the subject of any contract or transaction with any third party. Email addresses and connection data are not communicated to any third party.

How we protect your data

The GERD Network website is run under HTTPS protocol and SSL/TLS certificate. It is protected against hacking, including brute force attacks. It is also protected against viruses. Its operating software is updated in real-time.

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